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Children Scholarship


Education can help children prosper in life. Gift of Knowledge also offers child scholarships to impoverished talented children in developing countries to help them reach their highest potential and gain success in all aspects of life.

Children Scholarships in developing countries:

Gift of Knowledge is dedicated to promoting education and supporting the seekers of knowledge as individuals and in communities. Gift of Knowledge primarily focuses on scholarships to deserving people that can use the opportunity to focus on education to progress further in their lives than they otherwise might have done, in the hope that they can achieve more and return to help their community themselves.

In recent years, Gift of Knowledge has started its scholarship programme in Bangladesh, among Rohingyan refugees in Cox’s Bazar, and Ghana awarding scholarships to talented but poverty-stricken children of primary and secondary schools and madrasas. Many students are unable to go through education because of poverty and subsequently turn to work.

The scholarship programme of Gift of Knowledge is open to all in any rural or urban areas in Bangladesh and Ghana. Gift of Knowledge will work in partnership with the local authority and registered charities and organisations, and will take an area based-approach, namely looking at Post Office, Union or Ward. Gift of Knowledge will endeavour to reach out to all the schools, madrasas and authorised educational establishments within a particular locality. Gift of Knowledge does this by establishing contact with local charities and authorities i.e. the local chairman, and then establish contact with local schools and madrasas to identify students deserving of the scholarship.

Selection Criteria

  1. Talent: Certificate or exam results
  2. Impoverished: Recommendation from local government official
  3. Good character and manners: Recommendation from school teachers or mosque imams

Selection Process
  1. Local Authority: Establish contact with local charities and authority
  2. Local School: Establish contact with local schools and madrasas
  3. Award Scholarship: Award scholarships to 2 best students

Monitoring and Mentoring
Gift of Knowledge aims to inspire young children to seek knowledge and preserve Islamic values in life. We monitor progress through:
  1. Mentoring support via regular visits by education ambassadors
  2. Additional support via global competitions to nurture young talents
  3. Regular progress checks

With regular contact, we aim to foster a positive environment for learning.


Children Scholarships


Our Recent Scholarship Awardees

Reece Byfield
Muhammad Kazi
Ghilman Ali
Fatima Rashid
Gehad Hasanin
Ahmed Estesham Uddin