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Shariah Scholarship


Seeking knowledge is a journey beyond boundaries. It involves the opportunity for a person to seek knowledge in different countries with traditional scholars, go through various hardships yet upon returning home, they gladly attend to the need of the community and society at large, whether through teaching, dawah work, leading prayers or inspiring the youth to practice their faith.

Supporting seekers of knowledge at times of need can uplift their morale and enables the sponsor to become part of sadaqah jariah (ceaseless charity) legacy



Shariah Studies Scholarships

Supporting the Seekers of Knowledge: Seeking knowledge is a Journey beyond boundaries, having the opportunity to seek knowledge in Various countries with traditional scholars, going through the financial difficulties, witnessing other seekers of knowledge struggling at various Islamic Institutions abroad, and yet when they return home, very happily they attend to the need of the community and society at large, whether through teaching, dawah work, leading prayers, inspiring our children to practice Deen. Imagine helping those seekers of knowledge when they need the help while studying abroad, can really uplift their morale, and you become part of Sadaqah Jariah (ceaseless charity) legacy.

Gift of Knowledge aims to inspire people to seek knowledge and to preserve traditional Islamic scholarship. It is GOK's intention to support students financially and morally who are proactive, confident, talented and willing to embark upon the journey of seeking knowledge. We support the seekers of knowledge to develop Imams, Scholars, Teachers and Leaders for our community.

We believe that building people is just as important as building mosques and schools, and through the Gift of Knowledge Shariah Studies Scholarship we hope to support the development of a new generation of scholars for the contemporary world.

The scholarship will include structured learning, financial, mentoring, internship and academic support for the successful candidate throughout their journey. The successful candidate would have completed a bachelor’s degree in the UK prior to embarking upon this journey. The scholarship is based on a course of study of up to 6 years of full-time education, including an Arabic Diploma and a Shariah Studies degree (delivered in Arabic) from a recognised institute abroad.

A nation can only progress through education, and humanity can only succeed through Divine guidance. It is the priority of Gift of Knowledge to focus on building people. It is our hope that those individuals, once they have completed their studies, will be able to help and guide the community with divine guidance and beneficial knowledge.



Funding Eligibility

At Gift of Knowledge, we do not simply transport donations and funds to the individual awardee or institution, we want to ensure that we help the awardee fulfil his/her best potential so that they can benefit themselves and the community productively. These criteria are guidelines for applicants desiring to apply for the shari’ah scholarships.

Criteria for Shariah Education Funding

  • The individual should be Proactive, confident and talented.
  • The applicant must be 21 years of age or above.
  • The applicant must be a graduate from a conventional University (Any Subject).
  • The person should ideally have studied, and completed Arabic language abroad for at least 1 year (Alternatively, if studied Arabic locally, may be considered).
  • If an applicant has not gone through any Arabic language course but wish to do the full shariah programme, they may apply and the Arabic learning period will be supported through the scholarship.
  • He / She must be enrolled or studying at a mainstream or a recognised Institute abroad (May be considered before enrolment, if decided and meet other necessary criteria).
  • He / She must be determined to complete full Shariah degree in the Arabic medium.
Note: Funding is reviewed annually, and its continuation is subjected to successful completion of each year.



Gift of Knowledge support throughout the awardees journey

  • Financial scholarship support (the exact amount will depend on the course and individual circumstances. Standard full scholarship is three thousand pounds annually).
  • Additional costs such as for travel and tutorial may be provided in certain extenuating circumstances.
  • Facilitate short courses on various topics to help applicants in their journey of seeking knowledge. *Please see a basic list at the bottom of the page*
  • Termly one-to-one mentoring and review with the awardee.




The scholarship application process is predefined and is assessed on factors including the financial position of the student. Candidates are always encouraged to make a financial contribution to their own studies where possible as we have found that a financial commitment frequently translates into a firmer commitment to studies. As such, Gift of Knowledge will aim to award a number of part scholarships, supporting more brothers and sisters in their studies, as well as making your donation go further.


Our Recent Scholarship Awardees

Reece Byfield
Muhammad Kazi
Ghilman Ali
Fatima Rashid
Gehad Hasanin
Ahmed Estesham Uddin